Friday, September 24, 2010

New desktop panels for LCD Density Changer

UPDATE (september 28) Version 5.2: added an extra 1x1 desktop widget and possibility to set the action that is performed when tapping on a widget

UPDATE (september 25)  New version (v5.1) with 2x1 destop widget released today 

(previous announcement)
In the next version of LCD Density Changer  (v5.1 released very soon) a desktop widget will be included. This widget is especially useful for people that can't or don't want to change the default system density setting. Clicking on the desktop widget will automatically switch to the saved density setting.

Tip: Not only is this useful in the above described scenario, it is also useful for people who have changed the default system density with the app.
Say you have changed your system's density to 191 by checking the option Save density as system density in the settings menu. You can now save another density value that can be used at "run time" by unchecking the same option in the settings menu and do another save. The system density that you've setted the first time will stay untouched.

This is very useful if you still want to run apps and games with your old system density (for example 240). Save this density with the above method - after you've changed the system density - and the next time you want to run an app or a game with the default density just click on the desktop widget (or if you don't want  the desktop widget on your desktop, just choose Load saved density in the menu of the LCD Density Changer app)

If the above method of switching back to your default density to play games doesn't work for you because the games don't scale well, turn on compatibility mode in  the settings menu of LCD-DC before switching to your old/default density. Turn it off when you swich back to your favorite density.


  1. hi, will the grass wallpaper bug be fixed in 5.1? currently, everytime I change the wallpaper, it reverts to the default green grass wallpaper until I restart.. in short, I have to reboot each time I change my wallpaper to see my newly set wallpaper or I'll see the grass wallpaper there.. never happened before I installed LCD Density Changer..

    btw, nice work there.. it's really useful (except for the bug).. :D

  2. Hi, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I can't reproduce this issue exactly on my device (Samsung Galaxy S - Eclair/Froyo).
    What I can reproduce is a problem with some Live Wallpapers. Unfortunately, some Live Wallpapers doesn't work with a non standard density. I'm afraid I can't solve this with the LCD Density Ch. app.
    Do you have this issue with all wallpapers or just some (because on my device just some won't load)

  3. What is necessary to be able to save a default density of 200 on the Epic 4G? I am so tired of changing my density every time I restart the phone. But if I try saving the density, it freezes on boot.

    Is this possible to fix?