Friday, September 10, 2010

Restore density setting

For first time users who get stuck and didn't make a Nandroid backup

(Note: This method isn't tested thouroughly on all possible Android devices. It should work when a device passes the test implemented in the new versions. Feedback is appreciated)

Some devices/roms don't accept a density change (nothing to do with LCD Density Changer). The result of this can be that your device doesn't boot properly. To get you out of this awkward situation do the following:

Download the file from *here*. Place this file on the root of your sd card. Go into the restore mode of your device and choose "apply".

If you don't have a Nandroid backup and you want to be sure you don't get stuck, copy this file to the root of your sd card before you are going to change the density.

To make sure that you always can copy the to the /sdcard folder of your device turn on usb debugging under Settings->Applications->Development before you are going to apply a density change with LCD Density Changer.


If you are really stuck and the above (general) method doesn't work, here's a method that always will work (provided you have access to your sd card). Basically this method consists of creating a for your own device that will copy a system file, called build.prop to your system directory.

First search the internet (especially forums) for a build.prop file for your particular device/rom/firmware (If you can't find one, ask people on forums with the same device/rom as you to share their build.prop file from the system directory). This build.prop has to be inserted in your own package. To create a with the build.prop I have created a template.
Download the template from here. Unzip the to a directory. In this directory your will see two subdirectories: META-INF and system. Go to the system dir, delete the file build.prop and copy your own build.prop file to this dir. Go back to the dir that contains the subfolders META-INF and system. Make a zipfile say ""  with those two folder as subdirs in the zipfile (basically the same structure as you've downloaded)

Now your just one step away of having a flashable for your particular device. All you have to do is sign the zip file you've created and rename it to Then follow the above steps to flash this file on your device.

I will cover the way how sign a later. For now, search the internet for "sign android". There are plenty tutorials on the internet how to sign a file, so... for now I leave it just here.

I know that this method may seem very technical for the average user. I only described this method as a last resort for those people who didn't make a nandroid backup and don't want to flash a rom or firmware (which will always resolve the problem btw). It's just something your can try. 

If this still doesn't work for you (which I understand if you don't really into this technical booha) just mail me the build.prop you've found and I will create a flashable for you. (Email it to )


  1. Running Incredible with Froyo. I rooted using Unrevoked3, but I forgot to make the nandroid backup, I guess. the LCD Changer app won't let my phone reboot at all. After the very first HTC Incredible screen it goes totally white and I just here the "Droid" voice(plays when the red droid eye comes up on screen normally" nothing but white and the voice just repeats after the screen flashes every minute or so. Tried applying the you linked to, but no luck. Any ideas?

  2. Can you get your hands on a build.prop from a incredible froyo release? Mail me the file and I will make a for you. (You can do it yourself also if you know how to.. The idea is to push a fresh build.prop to the system directory with a script)
    Other idea is to reflash a rom or firmware without wiping the data.

    BTW I'm working on a totally safe update that will not cause any bootproblems for any devices. No need for nandroid backups anymore. It will come out this week. Sorry this happened to you now.

  3. I'm not sure at all how I would get a build.prop. Is that stored on my phone somewhere? If so, I will try to get it if you can tell me where it is. I've already tried doing a data wipe, and that didn't seem to help.

  4. Try this

    I've downloaded it from here:
    I think it will work on a droid incredible.

    Let me know

  5. Thanks for help, man. It didn't work, but I finally found a 2.1 ROM and I just flashed that. I'll just think of it as a chance for a fresh start. Just glad to have the phone back again.

  6. Glad you sorted it out.

    For others who get stuck: I have updated the blog post with a method to create your own file when the general doesn't work.

  7. using galaxy mini with froyo.. recently i'd installed rom toolbox changing my lcd density to max value.. in result i got bigger fonts where i cant key in my password.. i really need default build.prop for my mini.. plz help!! thanks in advance.

  8. i replaced my build.prop with htc's build.prop but i have backed up my build.prop
    how can i replace it
    i have my default recovery..
    can you make me