Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tip #2: Enlarge or change the system font for better readability

To improve readability of text with a small density setting one can change the system font. There are several methods to do this:
  • Samsung Galaxy S (and variants like the Vibrant, Captivate, Epic etc) have a tool management facility "on board". This is the most easiest way to change the font. Go to Settings -> Sound and Display and  choose Font Style. Here you can change the font to one of the fonts already on the device or you can visit the Android Market to download one that fulfill your needs.
  • Using a third party tool called Type Fresh developed by a xda-developer member. Although you have to provide your own ttf  fonts, the tool automates the task of applying them to the system. (Unfortunately not on the market anymore, but you can still download it from here)
  • If you insist, do it manually: Instructions
  • Or using a tool called Font Size. Although it isn't free it's a great tool to resize your standard fonts to Large, Extra Large and even XXL. See for a review here. (Android Market Link - Price: $0.99)

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